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June 16, 2010
H1N1 Real Time PCR Kits Technology for Sale

PCR PreMix


Ready to use pre-mixes are an the innovation for convenience of your routine PCR as you just have to add your template DNA or RNA besides your primers & put the tubes for amplifications. These pre-mixes are optimized for most of the PCR templates. However amplifications vary for different templates hence Mg Conc. needs to be adjusted for further optimizations. We are also Proud to introduce Single Tube RT/PCR premix which can carryout both cDNA synthesis as well as PCR in single tube.


Arrow Universal 2X PCR-PreMix


Arrow Universal 2.5X PCR-PreMix


Arrow 2X Hot Start PCR-PreMix


Arrow 2.5X Hot Start PCR-PreMix


Arrow 2.5X Sybr Green PCR-PreMix For Real Time PCR



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